How to get started? Working with a coach

Ready to make those lasting changes? Let’s talk and get to know each other.


Meet the coach.

Coaching has a foundation of trust. It is a place without any judgement. It is a neutral place for you to be listened to and have the space to explore and learn what works for you. A person should feel comfortable and at ease with their coach.

Schedule a complimentary 20-minute Introductory Session. We will where discuss your goals and needs and make sure we’re the right fit to be working together.


Working together.

Each coaching session will be approximately an hour and will include actionable items and review notes. While we are working together, you will have unlimited email support and access to any tools or practices that we discuss.

I offer coaching packages because coaching is a commitment – a commitment to the changes that you want.  Change is not easy and I will be there to support you during those times of doubts and challenges.


You will set the pace. You decide on the frequency of sessions that best supports your needs and goals – most sessions are weekly or bi-weekly. And, you can change the frequency at any point.

And most importantly, we will celebrate! We will celebrate the achievements along the way and we will celebrate what you learn along the way.

Preparing for your session.

  • Fill out the a Discovery Form – Print and Email or Online.
  • Set aside a time where you will not be rushed and will have minimal interruptions during your session.
  • Some people find it beneficial to have a notebook or journal during coaching to capture any thoughts and keep track of the work.


Still have questions? Take a peek at the Frequently Asked Questions or get in touch.


I look forward to meeting you!